Property Investment

mega homes invest 30 dollars aweek


Property has always been considered a valuable investment.  When you consider that property prices are likely to keep increasing in the future, the viability of bricks and mortar remains a great investment.  There is no time like the present to being, or to expand, your property investment portfolio.  At Mega Homes we can help you with selecting the right house and land package to suit your investment needs and budget.  We also build large and small developments including multiple dwelling projects, as well as unit and townhouse developments.

So, if you would like to begin, or bring a new addition to, your property portfolio, you've made the right choice by coming to Mega Homes! But what if you're still worried about the bad experiences you've had in the past or you are just looking for an easy, reliable solution for your investment?  We can help you with that too.

There are many benefits of choosing Mega Homes to build your new investment house or development.

Why Mega Homes for Investment Property?


We are with you every step of the way.  We can help with locating land where required as well as choosing the right design and floorplan to suit your site and budget.


Mega Homes have established a reputation for excellence in home building, as well as larger scale developments.

Security and reliability:

As a family owned business Mega Homes has grown to become a key home builder in the Victorian market.


We keep it simple with the construction of your new investment.


Choose among the range of lenders recommended by Mega Homes or use your own lender.


We do our best to arrange meetings wherever suits your busy schedule.