Less Stuff, Less Stress

It’s entirely understandable that as we progress through life we accumulate more possessions. But according to a study of Australian homes by the Australia Institute, we are accumulating far too much, and to the detriment of our health.

The problem begins when we surround ourselves with stuff that we either don’t need or don’t use. The Australia Institute found that one in five people had built a shed or garage to store excess things, whilst one in eight had even moved house to accommodate their excess clutter. Crazy!

The study also discovered that “women feel more stressed, depressed and anxious when their home is cluttered. Being surrounded by excess items not only wastes your time as you search for things, but it also promotes the consumption of comfort foods, reduces sleep quality, limits creativity, and makes you more indecisive about which of your daily work or household tasks to carry out.” Sound familiar?

So as we enter the new year and resolve to make certain changes in our lives going forward, why not take a look around your home and see if you might need to ease your stress with a major declutter. You’ll feel the benefits instantly. For further inspiration check out The Minimalists. These guys are extreme but can offer great tips on how to reduce the amount of stuff we own.